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KARABAGH, Southwest Caucasian 4ft x 5ft 2in Circa 1875

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Claremont Rug Company is pleased to present our newest addition to the Featured Arrivals collection, a soft and artistic antique Karabagh Caucasian rug. Looking at this singular Caucasian rug is an enchanting process of discovery. Both in color and design showcases a whimsical and light-hearted treatment the traditional Caucasian aesthetic. Possibly the most global departure of this piece is its appealing earth-toned palette that compels the expressive pattern language. Its ingenuous, asymmetrical design consists of horizontal rows of totem-like forms. Small blossoms are scattered playfully only at the lower end of the field. An inner border of a series of checkerboard diamonds frames this delightfully idiosyncratic field. In contrasting scale and design, the main border is highly spacious, featuring a striking design of wide cruciforms and geometricized motifs. As is the case throughout this highly artistic piece, the motifs of the borders are individually rendered, lending a freeform quality to the composition. This area rug could be a delightful additional to any collection of Caucasian carpets.

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