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The Rug Market Takes Flight - Part 1

  • Wall Street Journal

Some of the most coveted masterpieces now are the ones on the floor.

The Rug Market Takes Flight - Part 2

  • Wall Street Journal

The race for the world's top rug collection.

The Return of 'Things'

  • Financial Times

The collecting of rugs as works of art is experiencing a renaissance.

Rugs to Riches

  • Worth

Investors turn into collectors as art-grade rugs become the hot new tangible asset.

Robb Report "Best of the Best"

  • Robb Report

We are honored to be the only antique rug firm selected for the 2009 edition.

When the Cabin Becomes a Sales Floor

  • New York Times

As the president of an internationally known antique Oriental carpet company, my clientele is elite and sometimes too busy to choose their carpets at my stores. So for almost 30 years, I have been flying to them to make my presentations.

"The Year of the Rug" Historic Oriental Carpet Sells for $9.59 Million; Twice Previous High Price

  • Forbes.com

Approaching its 30th anniversary, Claremont Rug Company declared 2010 "The Year of the Rug" and recent sales on the Gallery and of a rare carpet at auction have dramatically reinforced the claim.

Word-of-Mouth Drives Record Response to Major Oriental Rug Collection Event

  • ArtDaily.org

When Claremont Rug Company announced an exhibit of a recent acquisition of 175 art-level, 19th century Oriental rugs, not even Gallery president Jan David Winitz was prepared for the response.

Heirloom Rugs

  • New York Times
  • Forbes.com       

Articles reporting on our "Artistic Visions" Collection event.

Treasures you purchase to hold on to

  • The Financial Times

Claremont President Jan David Winitz says that for the past year, many of his patrons - a list that includes more than two dozen members of the Forbes 500 wealthiest list- have talked about diversifying their assets.

Best 19th Century Oriental Rugs Show Same Strength as Other Top Traditional Art and Antiques

  • Forbes.com

Jan David Winitz, president of Claremont Rug Company, today revealed that the percentage of his sales to "experienced connoisseurs" has grown steadily since last summer.

Global Leader Claremont Rug Co. Adds Staff, Waiting List to Meet Increased Demand for Rare Carpets

  • ArtDaily

Winitz said, "The world of collectors and connoisseurs has long recognized that the finest 19th century carpets share the majesty of other fine art, but at market value levels well below comparable paintings, sculpture or furniture.

The Robb Report Collection

  • Robb Report

For 21st-century titans, there is a dealer who provides access to the world's finest rugs: Jan David Winitz, founder and president of the Claremont Rug Company.

How To Spend It: Claremont Rug Company--one of the world's best sources of antique carpets.

  • Financial Times

The Claremont Rug Company - one of the world's best sources of antique carpets - is here, co-owned (with wife Christine and partner) by Jan David Winitz, who inherited two things from his grandmother: a collection of great rugs and a love of art.