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The Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet (new)

THE CLARK SICKLE-LEAF Carpet... demolished the previous record for an Islamic carpet three times over.

Dream Weavers

Antique Oriental rugs have emerged as high-end collectibles, and their values have nowhere to go but up.

Collecting for Form and Function

Art-level rugs, porcelain and chandeliers are hot on collectors' must-have lists

World Record Price Confirms that Rug Collecting is Entering Upper Echelon of Art Collecting

Jan David Winitz, internationally recognized Oriental rug expert and founder of Claremont Rug Company, today said the world record price bid today of $33.7 million for a "remarkably crafted, miraculously preserved and awe-inspiringly beautiful" from the first half, 17th century confirmed that "best-of-the-best" carpets are now entering the upper echelon of art collecting.