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Magic Carpet Ride (Private Air / Luxury Homes) (new)

  • Private Air

Important Trove of 19th Century Antique Oriental Rugs from Three Family Homes, Comprised of 100 First-Caliber Pieces

Richly Woven Histories (new)

  • Private Air

Important Trove of 19th Century Antique Oriental Rugs from Three Family Homes, Comprised of 100 First-Caliber Pieces

Claremont Rug Company Unveils Chappaqua Collection with Major Exhibit (new)

  • Reuters

The Chappaqua collection features over 100 Persian & Oriental antique rugs.

The Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet (new)

  • Art & Antiques

THE CLARK SICKLE-LEAF Carpet... demolished the previous record for an Islamic carpet three times over.

Dream Weavers (new)

  • Robb Report Collection

Antique Oriental rugs have emerged as high-end collectibles, and their values have nowhere to go but up.

Collecting for Form and Function

  • Nonstop Gulfstream

Art-level rugs, porcelain and chandeliers are hot on collectors' must-have lists

Q&A with Jan David Winitz Founder of Claremont Rug Company

  • Luxury Daily

This international rug gallery caters to today's highend home furnishings shoppers who do not view their purchases as luxury items, but as art pieces that fit into their lifestyle.

World Record Price Confirms that Rug Collecting is Entering Upper Echelon of Art Collecting

  • Wall Street Journal

Jan David Winitz, internationally recognized Oriental rug expert and founder of Claremont Rug Company, today said the world record price bid today of $33.7 million for a "remarkably crafted, miraculously preserved and awe-inspiringly beautiful" from the first half, 17th century confirmed that "best-of-the-best" carpets are now entering the upper echelon of art collecting.

New Brochure, the 75th Published by Claremont Rug Company, Highlights Antique Carpets from The Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving

  • Reuters

OAKLAND, Calif., May 8, 2013 - Claremont Rug Company ( today announced the availability of a new, 30-page brochure which features 31 Oriental rugs from the "Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving" available at the Gallery.

Claremont Rug Company Acquires "Exquisitely Assembled" Cache of Antique Rugs

  • Marketwatch/The Wall Street Journal

19th Century Persian Carpets From the Estate of a Prominent American Banker

Antique Oriental Carpet Tops Sotheby’s Curatorial Auction

  • Houston Chronicle

“Another example of the interest in the best of the best” comments Claremont Rug Company's international rug expert; sells at nearly three times estimate.

Renowned Expert Says Art World Momentum Intensifies Interest in Collectible Antique Rugs

  • Marketwatch/The Wall Street Journal

Jan David Winitz, an eminent art dealer who specializes in antique Oriental and Persian rugs, today revealed that he had told his central clients that momentum within the art world for Near Eastern art has intensified the interest and created an increased enthusiasm among connoisseurs in this niche of the collecting market.

Claremont Rug Company Reports "Intense Interest" in Bostonian Collection

  • Wall Street Journal

Jan David Winitz, an eminent art dealer who specializes in 19th century antique Oriental rugs, today reported "an intense interest" in The Bostonian Collection, a trove of important, art-level to museum-caliber Persian and Caucasian rugs assembled by a New England-based family and held over four generations.

New Collection of 19th Century Carpets

  • Art & Antiques

Claremont Rug Company of Oakland, Calif., has announced the acquisition of a major, 180-piece collection of antique oriental carpets

Decorating with Antique Rugs, Part 2


A question I'm often asked is: How will antique rugs—a handcrafted artifact created on the other side of the world more than a hundred years ago—"work" in a modern home decorated with a collection of contemporary paintings, prints, photographs and sculpture?

The Bostonian Collection

  • Wall Street Journal

Claremont Rug Company Acquires Globally Significant Private Collection of 19th Century Oriental Carpets

Q & A with President Jan David Winitz


For over thirty years, Jan David Winitz, President and founder Claremont Rug Company in Oakland, CA, has built a global reputation among carpet collectors and connoisseurs. Since Claremont Rug Company opened its doors in 1980, their niche has been a challenging, yet incredibly exciting one - offering only the finest in authentic, art-level antique carpets, coupled with entirely first cabin service.

New brochure from Claremont Rug Company highlights spectrum of art-level 19th century Oriental carpets


Claremont Rug Company today announced the availability of a new, 28-page brochure which features 29 important, art-level 19th century Oriental rugs available at the Gallery.

Antique Oriental Rugs as Wall Art

  • Chubb Collectors

The Oriental rug world has evolved dramatically since 1980, when almost all dealers viewed antique rugs merely as elite decorative furnishings. Today we are witnessing a dramatically increased interest in putting the best antique Oriental rugs not only on the floor, but on the wall alongside paintings. This article explores the evolving trend.

Where there's a wall...

  • Financial Times

Antique rugs are as valuable as art - and not always for treading upon

From Rugs to Riches

  • San Francisco Chronicle

Antique carpets flying high as investment vehicles in down economy.

Burgeoning Interest in Collecting Push 19th Century
Oriental Rugs to Forefront in Art World


Highlighted by a world record-price for an Oriental carpet sold at auction and the remarkable interest in rug-based interior design projects, the year 2010 has pushed the level of interest in art-level Oriental rugs to unprecedented heights.

Grand 19th century Oriental Rugs find a home in 21st century Art Collections

Threads of History

  • Art and Antiques

The colorful patterns of antique Oriental rugs tell tales that today's enthusiasts decode.

  • Chubb Collectors

Whether the homes are traditional, contemporary or cutting-edge glass and steel, the great diversity of art-level carpets reflect consummate craftsmanship, aesthetic grace and harmony equal to that of the home itself.

Claremont Rug Company Acquires "Treasury" Of Collectible Antique
Art Rugs


Claremont Rug Company today announced the acquisition of an 85-piece collection of rare 19th century art-level Oriental rugs assembled and held by a single family over four generations entitled "The Heartland Treasury."

New On-Line Exhibition Includes Best-of-the Best 19th Century Carpets in Museum-style Display


The difficulty for connoisseurs to hone their eye for art-level 19th century Oriental rugs goes beyond their limited availability at individual galleries. The periodic international auctions invariably mix a few collectible carpets with dozens of pedestrian pieces.

The Rug Market Takes Flight - Part 1

  • Wall Street Journal

Some of the most coveted masterpieces now are the ones on the floor.

The Rug Market Takes Flight - Part 2

  • Wall Street Journal

"The Year of the Rug" Historic Oriental Carpet Sells for $9.59 Million; Twice Previous High Price


Approaching its 30th anniversary, Claremont Rug Company declared 2010 "The Year of the Rug" and recent sales on the Gallery and of a rare carpet at auction have dramatically reinforced the claim.

Word-of-Mouth Drives Record Response to Major Oriental Rug Collection Event


When Claremont Rug Company announced an exhibit of a recent acquisition of 175 art-level, 19th century Oriental rugs, not even Gallery president Jan David Winitz was prepared for the response.

Rugs to Riches

  • Worth

Investors turn into collectors as art-grade rugs become the hot new tangible asset.

The race for the world's top rug collection.

The Return of 'Things'

  • Financial Times

The collecting of rugs as works of art is experiencing a renaissance.

Heirloom Rugs

  • New York Times

Articles reporting on our "Artistic Visions" Collection event.

Robb Report "Best of the Best"

  • Robb Report

We are honored to be the only antique rug firm selected for the 2009 edition.

Treasures you purchase to hold on to

  • The Financial Times

Claremont President Jan David Winitz says that for the past year, many of his patrons - a list that includes more than two dozen members of the Forbes 500 wealthiest list- have talked about diversifying their assets.

Best 19th Century Oriental Rugs Show Same Strength as Other Top Traditional Art and Antiques


Jan David Winitz, president of Claremont Rug Company, today revealed that the percentage of his sales to "experienced connoisseurs" has grown steadily since last summer.

The Robb Report Collection

  • Robb Report

For 21st-century titans, there is a dealer who provides access to the world's finest rugs: Jan David Winitz, founder and president of the Claremont Rug Company.

When the Cabin Becomes a Sales Floor

  • New York Times

As the president of an internationally known antique Oriental carpet company, my clientele is elite and sometimes too busy to choose their carpets at my stores. So for almost 30 years, I have been flying to them to make my presentations.

How To Spend It: Claremont Rug Company--one of the world's best sources of antique carpets.

  • Financial Times

The Claremont Rug Company - one of the world's best sources of antique carpets - is here, co-owned (with wife Christine and partner) by Jan David Winitz, who inherited two things from his grandmother: a collection of great rugs and a love of art.