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Where there's a wall...

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Antique rugs are as valuable as art - and not always for treading upon

The Return of 'Things'

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The collecting of rugs as works of art is experiencing a renaissance.

Treasures you purchase to hold on to

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Claremont President Jan David Winitz says that for the past year, many of his patrons - a list that includes more than two dozen members of the Forbes 500 wealthiest list- have talked about diversifying their assets.

How To Spend It: Claremont Rug Company--one of the world's best sources of antique carpets.

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The Claremont Rug Company - one of the world's best sources of antique carpets - is here, co-owned (with wife Christine and partner) by Jan David Winitz, who inherited two things from his grandmother: a collection of great rugs and a love of art.