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An extensive look at Persian rugs and
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President Jan David Winitz– New!

In two rich videos, Mr. Winitz presents a six-tier Oriental Rug Market Pyramid and a Nine-Point Methodology for identifying quality and level of artistry.

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At Claremont 2, you can shop our extensive selection of surprisingly affordable, highly practical Persian and tribal rugs, mostly from the first half of the 20th century.

Jan David Winitz Featured in
The Wall Street Journal

Claremont Rug Company's President Jan David Winitz
discusses his extensive travels to work with
the gallery's clients in their homes

The Oriental Rug Market Pyramid

In this article published in the AXA Art Newsletter, Jan David Winitz outlines 6 levels of Oriental rugs based on artistry, craftsmanship, condition, age and provenance.

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Antique Oriental Rugs

Read about topics such as
assessing quality, the many types of
antique rugs and the joy of collecting.

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Article featuring our client's
contemporary home with antique rugs from
Claremont Rug Company

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We are gratified to be the only Oriental
rug company ever selected.

Viewpoints from
President Jan David Winitz- - New!

Read Winitz’s new article in Private Air Luxury Home Magazine based on his 20 years experience of brilliantly incorporating antique rugs into contemporary decors.