Presenting our annual major carpet retrospective

Our 4th Annual Major Carpet Retrospective

40 Best-of-the-Best Rugs Sold in 2014

Persian Ferahan, 2nd quarter, 19th century

This event celebrates the breathtaking high-collectible to world-class antique rugs our clients chose last year. We invite you to take this thrilling journey through the great artistic brilliance and staggering diversity of the rugs we placed. This yearly exhibit has become an international, eagerly awaited event with visitors from over 55 countries.


View the Best-of-the-Best Rugs of 2014


plus 10 “Sweetheart Rugs”

a group of irresistible rugs we sold last year

Caucasian Shirvan, 3rd quarter, 19th century

For the first time, this year we are also including a second group of rugs that stand out because of their infectious charm and inimitable originality, pieces that emanate an astonishing joie de vivre.


See these 10 exceptional “Sweetheart Rugs”