Antique Caucasian Cloudband Kazak | 4ft 3in by 7ft 1in, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century




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This is one of the most innovative examples of the prized “Cloudband Kazak” (Chondzoresk Karabagh) style we have seen. While the lion’s share of Cloudband rugs is packed with powerful, strongly emphasized motifs, a central attraction here is its weaver’s commitment to a single abstract blossom repeat that fills the field. This dramatically shifts the rug’s ambiance from an exciting tribal fierceness to a more feminine contemplation of the cosmos. Among Cloudband Kazaks, this piece is groundbreaking.

Instead of a classic saturated palette of saturated rust reds and blues, the softer impact of this rug’s palette supports this artistic departure. An inspired profusion of soft persimmon sets the tone with rare jade green, steel and denim blue, and aged walnut adding to the softer effect. The crossed cloudband motifs in the center of each medallion are one of the ancient shared designs in human heritage and are a symbolic talisman of good fortune.

Another singular aspect of this strongly collectible rug is that it is significantly smaller than one expects to see in Chondzoresk rugs. It has clearly always been well loved, as its condition is quite good with even medium pile. It would make an absolutely stunning wall piece or a memorable floor rug.