Antique Caucasian Fachralo Kazak | 5ft 4in by 7ft 10in, 3rd quarter, 19th century




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This is an ultimate tribal rug. It seamlessly marries primitivism with sophistication and order with spontaneity for tremendous visual impact and staying power. It is an early, profoundly elemental rendition of the Fachralo medallion design, with the creative addition of highly abstracted trees and star forms. Note that its two mandalas are different in nature, particularly in the treatment of their center axis. Two whimsical animals with triangular heads in the lower medallion are not repeated in the upper motif.

The weavers’ truly profound artistic vision is the abrupt abrash in the upper field, where the rug’s cobalt blue background subtly transitions first into a forest green, then in a more pronounced fashion to a series of stunning mid-tone greens. This shift is quite unexpected, but greatly elevates the rug’s impact. The golden honey main border presents an exciting contrast to the tonalities used in the field, and a highly simplified rendition of serrated leaves alternating with unique clusters of four arrowheads pointed inward. Heavier pile and superb glistening wool are further strong suits that elevate this to a High-Collectible rug.