Antique Caucasian Konagkend Kuba | 4′ 1″ x 5′, Dated 1884




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I’ve seen this enigmatic design in many antique Konagkend Kubas. Yet what makes this piece stand out from virtually all others is how its weaver artfully deconstructed the traditional honeycomb latticework, making it much more varied and fascinating. Elements such as serpentine vinery, the twelve-pronged latch-hook cross seen in nearby Chi Chi rugs, and various abstracted polygonal motifs compel my eyes to scan across the rug over and over again to discover its many inconsistencies.

This ingenious piece is infinitely more colorful than almost all other Konagkends, with punctuations of radiant mid-tone blue, teal, turquoise, strawberry, coral and burnished gold that encourage me to examine it more and more closely. In doing so, I discovered how amazingly finely knotted the rug is, which allowed the weaver to put minute details into its main Kufic border, as well as all sixteen secondary borders and guard stripes. Like virtually every rug in the Toronto Treasury, this piece clearly has always been acknowledged as a precious object by its owners, thus is in remarkable condition. Not only is there good pile allover, but even the original end binding is intact at top and bottom! This is a truly best-of-the-best representative that elevates an important Caucasian subgroup to a new artistic level.

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