Antique Caucasian Lesghi | 3ft 11in x 5ft 6in, Circa 1875

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In a one-of-a-kind departure from the traditional design of the Lesghi tribe, this extremely innovative 140-year-old piece will provide much excitement to collectors of rugs from the Caucasus Mountains. Inspired choices of scarlet, fern green, and several pure tertiary tones join an incredibly deep indigo to successfully replace the classical Lesghi color with one that that is infinitely more nuanced and exciting.

The weaver’s profound sensitivity to the placement and scale of her designs entices the viewer to carefully explore every aspect of the composition. Greatly elevating the rug’s artistry are an eclectic array of secondary motifs in its field and an entirely unexpected golden yellow-based main border. This contains a dynamic rendition of an alternating starflower and slanted polygon motif borrowed from Chi Chi rugs, and totally unprecedented in Lesghis. The secondary borders each contain their own original, equally moving pattern and color way.

There is tremendous overall sharpness in all of the rug’s motifs, the result of an extreme fine weave and closely shown pile. A superb quality of wool lends a deep, reflective quality to the rug’s surface and its superb condition with even medium pile and no restoration further enhances its great allure.