Antique Ferahan Sarouk Vase Rug | 3ft 4in by 4ft 8in, 3rd quarter, 19th century




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This is a totally unique, absolutely exquisite collector’s rug. Very seldom do we see Vase design Ferahan Sarouks and virtually never in the 3×5 size, let alone one possessing such elevated artistry and superlative quality. Note how elegant the vase is. It’s slender, stylized and very well embellished. From it stems an extremely clearly drawn “Tree of Life” motif with drooping boughs laden with blossoms. Look closely at the motifs in the field to see the singular drawing of the blossoms and the small petals that appear to have detached and are in the process falling through air. The stepped niche bordered by exotic columns and encircled by climbing vinery that contains the vase are also innovative inventions.

The rug’s superb craftsmanship is evident in its crystal clear detail work. This is particularly evident in the borders, where delicately drawn arching leaves frame large rosettes. It is also masterfully dyed with the hues extremely pure, from cobalt blue of the vase to the radiant teals throughout, as well as exotic apple and celadon greens. The weave is incredibly fine, with pile that is cut extremely short, giving the surface a glass-like finish.