Antique Persian Serapi | 4ft 9in by 6ft 1in, Late 19th Century

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Among the extremely rare group of area size Serapi rugs, I have not seen another with the deeply eye-catching attributes of this 5×6 piece. Its scale of design alone is quite innovative and highly successful, as an undersized rosette medallion is surrounded by overscale blossoming vinery in its field and massive anchor cartouches in its broad corner pieces. The heavily ornamented border suite provides a highly effective counterbalance to the spaciousness of the field pattern, as harmony is created through echoing its blues, greens, roses and golds, while delegating carnelian red to the field alone.

An atypically fine weave for a Serapi rug, coupled with unusually lustrous wool and deeply saturated jewel-toned colors contribute to create an overall effect of profound drama, coupled with an overriding sense of sweetness. All of its previous owners clearly regarded this piece as dearly as I do, as they preserved it in excellent, heavier pile condition over its 125 years of existence.

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