(High-Decorative) Antique "Blossom" Shirvans were seldom produced and are now ardently coveted as a "must have" type among collectors of 19th-century Caucasian rugs. Whimsical, multi-faceted flowerheads are drawn with astounding clarity, each possessing an animated individuality that produces a dazzlingly energetic design. Connective fiery elemental latticework appears to levitate over the fathomless midnight sapphire ground with tiny diamonds and dragon glyphs sprinkled throughout the pattern. Orderly precision engages with playful spontaneity as variations on a theme in the field and border are cohesive yet dynamic. Every form stands out with engaging potency. Juxtaposed between soft ivory, lava red, and electrum-toned blossoms are those with delicate shade shifts between pale robin egg and ice blue, a testament to attentive dye work. This elegant tribal rug sports a medium pile with original ends intact.

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