(High-Decorative) This small Kuba rug charms the eye with a visual feast of vivid color tones. Its unique, attractive patterning exudes a sense of freedom yet is balanced in artistic expression, aspirations that were a profound part of the lives of the Caucasian weavers. A luminescent field of ultra-stylized peonies greets the viewer, arranged in repeating diagonal rows by color: rose, azure, ivory, and dark teal. Its ground color is shared by dark cobalt and jungle green hues, heroically interrupted by a swash of abrash midfield. The weaver had a dextrous chromatic sense and employed glowing ember red outlining to each blossom, adding a delightful drama to the cheerful composition. An ivory border contains a classic crab design that is artistically compressed at the top and bottom. Evenly patinated medium pile animates the surface even further. This truly delightful tribal piece clearly transmits the joyful spirit of the Caucasian people, and its versatile dimensions allow for exponential applications around the home.

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