(High-Decorative) This extremely well-crafted Caucasian Perpedil mat brings together a compelling gathering of iconic motifs, enhanced by the diffuse, time-softened patina of seasoned natural hues. The rug's versatile dimensions contain a pulsating all-over design replete with adventurously imagined ram's horn devices, masque-like rosettes, star and diamond devices with snowflake-shaped "auras," and even profoundly deconstructed archetypal bird forms. Despite the small space afforded by the field, no motif feels restricted or crowded. Its knotted rosette Kufic border playfully experiments with expansion and compression. Reveling in crisp clarity and boasting heavy pile, this imaginative, over 125-year-old weaving's most vital achievement is a masterfully expressed window into the richly evocative relationship tribal artists experience with totemic symbolism and innovative abstractions from nature.