(High-Decorative) This engaging, animated tribal rug presents a field of floating symbols and exudes a carefree joie de vivre. Exceedingly stable after some 120 years, the incredible potency of its naturally dyed colors indicates an impassioned dexterity at work as the level of purity and brilliance of this rugs hues is rarely seen. Particularly the yellow saffron of the individually drawn flowers is a unique shade. It is as if the maker of this carpet wanted to see just how potent and true red, blue, and yellow colors could get. In that regard, this admirable little weaving has won the contest! The naivete of the drawing is equally enchanting, especially the squashed tulip meander border where every flower has its own character. A cobalt blue field offers numerous personally interpreted or re-invented motifs, such as the double weavers combs that appear throughout it.

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