(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") From one of the most elemental of Caucasian tribal rug styles, this striking Fachralo Kazak prayer rug amazingly balances the asymmetrical niche within a highly order field replete with supporting age-old overscale and understated tribal motifs in just the right proportion. Below the enclosure are cartouches sprouting rams horns, containing curious glyph-like C symbols. Fachralos are particularly adept at creating profound impact with few colors. Here a striated azure blue is nested on a brick red field, accented by marine and cobalt blue with touches of corn silk yellow and sage green. With its even, moderate pile this rug would make for striking, festive wall art or could grace a lightly trafficked space. (INQUIRE ABOUT THIS RUG AT CLAREMONT 2, 1-800-883-1815)