(Decorative) We are extremely delighted to be able to offer this superb quality, mat-sized antique Persian Heriz, as most in this genre are larger room size dimensions. Particularly intriguing is the masterful use of light and dark color contrast between the unusual-to-see deep midnight blue ground and the dazzling shades of aquamarine and turquoise found in the profusion of filigree-like vinery. Its tastefully cohesive color palette is presented in a range of celebrative tones including azure, soft rose and warm brick red, which are joined by accents of emerald and golden wheat throughout. A graciously proportioned central medallion adds to the sense of balance and harmony within the design. This spirited piece is in wonderful condition at well over a century of age and offers exceptionally high quality wool. (INQUIRE ABOUT THIS RUG AT CLAREMONT 2, 1-800-883-1815)