(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery")Very fine knotting with a resultant mind-boggling detail and astonishing naturally-dyed jewel tones combine to create a fresh interpretation of this long-esteemed Persian carpet style. This piece from the Persian Court tradition offers a symphony of beautifully-combined colors that fill highly faceted blossoms of great variety. In each quadrant, differing scales and structures of the flowerheads are infinitely beguiling! The medallion itself is specially conceived, its interior less defined by concentric layers than typical, revealing instead a single azure blue center supporting attendant palmettes. The border emphasizes expertly rendered rose petals reflecting the European shading technique that intermix inventively with delicate traditional Persian floral designs. This piece with its hard-to-find small room size dimensions is in very good condition and offers an equally rare level of formal ambiance.

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