(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") A delightful offering from one of the oldest known transhumant tribal groups that historically occupied the Zagros Mountains of Persia, this Luri nomad rug captures the aesthetic beauty and cultural continuity of a dignified indigenous people. The enigmatic emblem in the center of each conjoined, stepped lozenge is unknown to us and may be a combination of a winged creature and a flower. Four loyal, striped canines occupy the spaces at top and bottom, attending to botanical forms resembling Phrygian caps. An assortment of appealing hues, including warmly inviting tones of apricot, walnut, deep teal, cinnabar, and whispers of cherished Tyrian purple all thoroughly animate and enhance this pieces endearing folk art aesthetic. Its heavier pile condition assures decades of enjoyment for its next fortunate owner.