(Decorative) The field of this magnetic room size Sultanabad carpet is filled with a grand alternating sequence of stylized overscale blossoms, known as the "Mustafavi Pattern "across a shimmering deep indigo backdrop of winged botanical fronds and blossom-adorned wreaths. Each version of the eponymous design is original and contains numerous improvised variations of line and shape that gives carpets of this era and before such vitality. Close inspection reveals tiny ornaments and symbols of tribal origin that have found their way spontaneously scattered among the larger-scale classical designs. The effortless casual sophistication of the composition is ably supported by a surprisingly rich color palette of rouge, jade to jungle green, luminous azures, delicate rosy tones, and flashes of lemon yellow. Each hue deftly shifts along its chromatic scale due to a technique called abrash, which guarantees the viewer will never grow bored. Generous proportions and skillful dye work ensure this superbly preserved 100-year-old piece can provide a home with the decorative individuality for which Persian carpets are renowned.

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