(High-Decorative) Descended from the Kurdish weavers with their traditional love of color, this exquisite Veramin captivates with its cohesive blend of harmonious color and rhythmic allover patterning. Perfect to refine a seating area, the resplendent field of this small room size is enhanced by dramatic range of scale that is best appreciated a close viewing. Be sure to click through to the the massive image to appreciate the elegant workings here. The luxurious velvety wool powerfully adds to the unfathomable depth of the deep midnight indigo ground. Sky blue and pale yellow accents provide an important illuminating note to the overall palette, joining the warm red border in an inviting, complementary way. We very seldom see Veramin carpetsperhaps one or two in a yearso an early 20th century example with this level of consummate artistry is an especially welcome acquisition.

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