(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") When the nomadic Bakhtiari peoples settled into villages, they brought the collective experiences of their former lifestyle to enliven rugs now produced in more sedentary conditions. Like a glittering stained glass window, the renowned "Garden Compartment" design is expressed here with the radiant glow of joyous, deeply saturated colors imbuing this piece with great vitality. Escutcheon-shaped panels hold touchingly rendered depictions of arboreal motifs, including roses, starflowers, and cypress trees with delicate filigree vinery of crystalline blossoms. The panels are never repetitious, with a softly jewel toned palette that provides much to explore in ranges of rouge, sunflower yellow, emerald green and auburn. Be sure to note at the base of each pagoda-like tree form are 'hidden' mythical peacocks with delicate chessboard surface patterns. Nearly full pile condition makes this piece a superb choice for a well-trodden area.