(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Ideal for a distinctive ambiance, this 10x14 Bakshaish offers immersive creativity that captivates up close and at a distance with its continually evolving allover pattern. The color combination of the field’s rose red and the turquoise of the border is alluring, conjoined by clear tertiary colors, especially fern and teal green. The field pattern is known as Herati, and though it seems repetitious at first glance, a deeper look uncovers an entirely hand-drawn pattern, with constant nuances that this style is particularly adept at. At the carpet’s edge, a two-part frame consists of the ethereal blue border with its charming rosette and oak leaf meander and a final band of undyed glowing camelhair. Happily, this carpet is in outstanding condition with good pile , making it perfect for under a dining table or other more heavily used areas.

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