(High-Decorative) Featuring superlative workmanship and incredibly fine knotting, this resplendent century-old, classical Persian Dabir Kashan rug is in magnificent, full pile condition. Enlivened by lustrous wool, its crisp, lyrical design faithfully echoing the 16th century Safavid tradition re-invigorated during the Second Golden Age of Weaving and carried into the early 20th century. Its raspberry shifting to Japanese carmine ground integrates an astounding amount of detail and myriad hues of color from wheat, tangerine, and cerulean to henna and luscious fern greens. Shimmering interconnected arabesques originate from the base of a lyrically drawn floating teardrop vase and bouquet, emerging into an array of blossoms and palmettes while still providing for ample space between details. Its reconciled-at-the-corners border glows with a bioluminescent midnight garden.