(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery")
Dorasht, a neighboring town to the major Northeast Persia city of Meshed, has been a weaving center since the Middle Ages. A rare floral style recognizable by its distinctive subdued rose tone often employed in the field, it came to prominence during the Qatar dynasty of the 19th century. An engaging sense of fluidity imbues this carpets symmetrical allover pattern, creating a meditative rhythm that invites the viewer to slow down and enjoy the shapes and precisely complementary hues that are spaciously displayed across the field. The equally unhurried movement of the ornate palmette meander along the topaz main border emphasizes the beguiling interior patterning that seems to continue out of sight behind this frame. This over 130-year old, garden-themed piece offers hard-to-find small room size dimensions and comes to us in extremely good condition.