(High-Decorative) Known for their fine weaves that yield extremely supple tactility, Ferahans from the late 1800s also have the uncanny ability to enhance any interior style with their casual formality. An elongated jewel form medallion rests upon a bed of botanical abstractions resembling imaginary pixie-like creatures, glowing upon an ivory base. A vigorous rendition of the fabled Herati pattern of rosette-centered diamond lattice and curling feathery leaves fills the space, leaving only small punctuations of indigo and walnut tones showing through. Each motif is composed with such a masterful eye for light and shade that it seems a spring breeze might suddenly rustle the rainbow's spectrum of abstract flora. Its distinctive, richly hued border presents alternating radial and butterfly rosettes, brilliantly balancing the energizing intensity of the field. This piece still retains very good mountain wool pile assuring many years of enjoyment.