(High-Decorative) This breathtaking, over-century-old Persian Heriz carpet epitomizes the profound harmony and chromatic splendor of the very best pieces from this beloved rug style in a virtually never-seen, nearly square size. On a rich fire brick red base, its diamond on square medallion bejeweled in tones of alabaster, green chalcedony, sapphire, and coral, draw the viewer into this dazzling piece. Its lucent corn silk pendants softly shine as azure cornices shimmer like a sun-kissed pool, changing in hue from top to bottom. Boldly golden oak leaves, multi-faceted foliage, and captivating vinery fill the entire composition. Benefitting from Azerbaijans renowned mountain-oily wool, its semi-rustic origins have charmed our clients for decades. This antique carpets well-integrated yet commanding design and fabulous condition make it a memorable centerpiece for a great variety of rooms.