(High-Decorative) Fine-quality, early 20th-century Persian village rugs such as this dazzling, allover pattern Heriz, enjoy a strong following among our clientele. In superb condition, this singular piece offers many strong suits, including its rich, variegated color palette, unusually lustrous wool, and rustic charm. In the versatile 8x11 size, it exhibits a striking linearity of design on a deep madder red reserve, with a plethora of oversize, elongated blossom motifs in fantastical varieties of shapes and interconnected by a filigree of vines. Viewing it greets you with an enrapturing palette that includes rare golden saffron juxtaposed with azure, shades of rose, exceptional jade greens and hints of pistachio, along with many charming anomalies in its design. It comes to us in extremely good condition.