(High-Decorative) Awash in brilliant carnelian tones, this stately century-old carpet offers a resonant rendition of the always popular niched Heriz medallion and corner piece design. Its medallion, highlighted by ribbons of stunning sapphire blue, is extended by flame-like overscale palmette pendants. A captivating, herbaceous matrix of stylized oak leaves, branches, and flowerheads intertwine. Woven when almost all Persian rugs had begun to use chemical dyes, the Heriz region still created color palettes solely from natural dyestuffs, as seen in this piece. Note how the field tone gently undulates, a technique only possible with vegetal dyes. Four golden bronze spandrels cradle vibrantly hued botanical forms in glowing splashes of dark navy, antiqued coral, and bright ivory. Almost hidden in the emerald panels of these four corner zones are wonderfully individualized, whimsical flower pots! The condition of this century old Heriz is outstanding.