(High-Decorative) This virtuoso, delightfully eccentric long runner, woven in one of many the small villages that surrounded Heriz in Northwest Persia, excels in its vigorous folk art aesthetic and the casual balance of its elemental rug motifs in a way that will uniquely animate a distinguished passageway. Alternating cruciform and hooked diamond medallions anchor the continuity of design, while a jubilant plethora of extremely colorful abstracted flora and esoteric geometry adorn the glowing carnelian ground in this striking, antique Persian Heriz runner. Coveted cobalt blue and bright jade green appear alongside unexpected teals, burnt umber, golden wheat, and snowy azure hues, assigned among other potently celebrative jewel tones in a fabulous array of pure chromatic joy. Exceptional full pile condition assures that this fantastic art runner will last for generations of adoring usage.