(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Tremendous balance and a spirited, delightfully inventive design give this antique corridor piece a magnetic appeal. Kurdish Bijars such as this are known for their fantastic durability, melded with thought-provoking artistry and supple weave. Two overscale, freely drawn architectural medallions linked by smaller scale botanical structures appear to float atop an expanse of cinnabar sea in a visually stirring combination. It possesses an atmosphere that is at once stately yet graciously welcoming. In the stepped-edge corner spandrels and protrusions between the medallions, it appears that different arrangements of flowering sprigs await on golden shores for a raft to take them across the rufous waterway. A wonderfully naive rainbow-hued diagonal stripe border accompanied by narrow daisy meanders adds a dynamic sense of movement around the perimeter of the spacious center. This over a. century-old Persian village rug is in superb condition with a heavier pile overall.