(High-Decorative) This elegant 19th century carpet signed by the noted "Khasati Brothers" workshop radiates with the jewel-tone hues and delicately rendering of its pattern that is revered by lovers of antique Lavr Kirman rugs. The stunning reserve of subdued cranberry is ensconced by an inventive surround of impressively graphic columns, seamlessly integrated into a garden of swirling vinery and blossoming boughs. Elongated proportions enhance the frame-like quality of the columns that ascend either edge of its field, engaging the viewer and creating a sense of great dimensionality. With intriguing restraint, this 10x14 carpets stunning pattern is quietly elaborated through its intentionally limited palette, depending on the interplay of pale umber and aged berry shades to express its exquisite ambiance. Its wonderful condition is another allure.