(High-Decorative) Mahajiran' is the name attached to the most artistically distinctive carpets created in the Sarouk weaving district and crafted of the finest lambs wool. With lush foliage expanding throughout its enchanting, harmoniously patterned field, this Mahajiran Sarouk is an expressively elegant gem with an absolutely charming sophistication. A billowing cruciform centerpiece draws together its surroundings. Shapely vases of burnished gold proffer fanned bouquets, while floral sprays of myriad species rendered in a palette of mocha, azure, and Prussian blue dance against a warm, luminous coral reserve of variegated tones. Echoes of vivid vermillion and exotic sage green are also punctuated throughout the shimmering botanical wonderland. Lustrous, silky wool, superb heavy pile condition and excellent craftsmanship redouble the appeal of this extremely durable Persian town rug at over a century of age.