(High-Decorative) A perennial choice among our clients for four decades, Mahajiran Sarouk antique carpets combine luxurious wool with a softer color palette, otherwise seen only in 19th-century rugs. On a shimmering terra cotta field, a profuse array of flora and shrubbery proliferate from chiseled containers, implied patches of ground, and magically spring from nowhere in particular. These floral sprays glow in golden flax tones, rich cobalt, spruce, and bronze. Fan palmettes and blossoming fronds dazzle from the main border like an undersea garden. Its sumptuous, lanolin-rich pile derived from high-mountain fat-tailed sheep provides a tactility that is virtually unrivaled. This elegant rug in outstanding condition at a century old and would be well at home within a traditional or modern decorative context.

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