(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This cheerful tribal rug woven in the late 1800s effortlessly ascends to the Connoisseur-Caliber category thanks to its wholly novel and heartwarming allover flowerhead design. It captures the distinctive ambiance of this South Persian style, an enchantingly light-hearted artistic expression from a very long-sustained nomadic people. Animated pairs of scarlet poppies appear to dance across the soft golden ivory field in a musical display of form and chromatic splendor. In a wide variety of dyes, each blossom and leaf is exceptionally clear and uniquely drawn, creating an effect of continual activity through the magic of spontaneous creativity. Luxuriant heavier pile is seldom found in 19th-century rugs. However, this charmer has just that and is bound to regale its lucky owners with decades of joyful admiration.

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