(High-Decorative) This almost 150-year-old expressive Ferahan Sarouk eschews the traditional use of dark blue entirely, substituting several shades of brown for a refreshing, autumnal effect augmented by a field seemingly covered with leaves. A well-defined lobed medallion with its jewel-shaped center and richly toned carnelian spandrels powerfully anchor the composition. On vibrant blue stems, sharply rendered, individually drawn small flowers and foliage fill the aged parchment-toned reserve while multi-layered blossoms float within the generous corner pieces. Three different flowerheads alternate around the flurry of the field, while an integrated abrash technique creates the effect of sunlight's passage across the middle of the rug's surface. Capturing the energy, flow, warmth, and animation of nature, this carpet reflects the inspiration of a weaver's impression of a world in constant change.