(High-Decorative) In the very hard-to-find 3x5 size, this Ferahan Sarouk bursts with kaleidoscopic intensity through its profuse botanical forms. An inventive center medallion containing a mosaic-like assemblage of abstract floral shards, arranged with precision in radial order, sustains crown-shaped, more elaborately drawn pendants. Its riveting chromatic palette presents a highly successful juxtaposition of tonalities. Stunning shades of coral, walnut, azure, tangerine, rose quartz with difficult-to-render emerald and celadon greens spring forth from the parchment reserve and the rich cinnabar spandrels. Closer viewing reveals many more nuances. Lovingly maintained in superb floor condition with heavier pile, this antique art carpet will contribute surprisingly endearing character to any traditional or contemporary setting in which it is displayed.