(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Here is a symphonic, finely knotted carpet that exemplifies the Ferahan tradition's masterfully fluent, inventive ability to create dynamic compositions. This town's signature, revolutionary aesthetic is on full display in this piece, offering a thrillingly abstract yet naturalistically observed original pattern. Vibrant sunburst medallions drift along the centerline, surrounded by giant starflowers with paddle-like extensions, like a cosmic river flowing to a celestial sea. Individualized florets and leaves spread across the parchment ground dangling from cinnabar vinery as glittering botanical ornaments. Colors in the surprisingly wide-ranging palette were carefully chosen for visual depth and effortless harmony. Luminous midnight cobalt, pistachio and jungle greens, cerulean, deep scarlet, and dashes of apricot blush successfully coalesce in the extraordinarily enlightened, kaleidoscopically repeating field design. Every carefully crafted motif champions a dexterously nuanced technique of tonal shifts known as abrash that carefully shades and highlights the surface endowing this carpet with the well-earned fascination and admiration of the viewer.

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