(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") The unlimited beauty of nature is reflected in a flowering "Garden of Paradise" joyously rendered, replete with myriad tiny luminous flowers filling the ivory reserve. This one-in-the-world 19th-century Persian Laver Kirman rug is given striking originality with the rare depiction of two brilliant bottle green peacocks that vigorously guard the delicately depicted arboreal motifs that ascend the length of the rug. As their lithe undulous trunks make their way skyward, the twin trees weave and intertwine on their way to the top of the field. In the lower corners, powder blue amphora vases are filled with bouquets arranged from the profusion of species found throughout the field, symbolizing the abundance of natural life. Engaging hues derived from organic sources, including a profusion of ripe raspberry, jade, lilac, glowing rose, and glistening delft blue, dance across the surface to enliven every bloom. A superb level of craftsmanship and wonderful condition combine to create an artful gem of a 19th-century rug.

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