(High-Decorative) At nearly 150 years old, this mesmerizing area-size rug demonstrates the exceptional refinement and exquisite balance for which 19th century Laver Kirmans are renowned within the pantheon of classical Persian weaving. The scalloped edges of the aged carmine medallion, alloyed with a tendril suffuse reserve, offer a strikingly verdant design replete with an array of intricate blossoms and lyrical, bronze vinery. Supportive hues of rose madder, peach, and hazelwood are integrated with artistic confidence and subtle finesse. Astonishingly fluid borders allow the unified visual elements to interact effortlessly as a whole. Here in the lower section, like a paintbrush drawn across the canvas, a daring and innovative cerulean streak was left behind in a final creative impulse, demonstrating a glimpse of the singular artistry achieved in the most notable Persian court-style rugs.