(High-Decorative) From a heritage of court carpet-making during the Golden Age of Persian Weaving, Laver Kirmans are highly esteemed for their continually inventive, garden inspired patterns and soft tonalities punctuated by inky blues. Centermost in this striking carpet, a circular surround resting upon a starflower blossoms into spectacular, overscale starburst medallion. With lushly decorated vertical pendants, it dominates an antique ivory ground adorned with dense ruby red, pale rose, and occasional apricot blossoms. Cranberry corner pieces are graced with tiny blossoms and oval reserves holding rose-colored trees wreathed with flowers. An antique ivory main border continues the profusion of floral formality, rhythmically punctuated by sentinel-like cypress trees that traditionally, in the rug weaving world, signifies rebirth and the continuity of life.