(High-Decorative) Unusually "dirty blonde"-hued, luminous natural camelhair (likely from being overdyed with saffron) is the commanding central attribute of this memorable turn of the 20th century camelhair rug woven in a village setting of Northern Persia. Its majestic spaciousness and iconic, large-scale blossoms are very seldom encountered in area-size Persian rugs. Look closely to reveal its expansive, exotic color palette. A full range of the colors of the earth and sky are depicted. Pale apricot, rich salmon and ripe strawberry bring warmth, while first green, oak and dark walnut hues offer an earthy charm and glowing sapphire, deep teal and midnight blue provide a counterbalance. The outstanding wool quality and heavy pile condition further enhance the irresistible charm of this innovative, heavy-pile rug.

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