(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") From the small output of carpets woven in the vicinity of the town of Malayer previous to 1900, the Sarouk sub-style is the most prized as it is aligned in the quality of its craftsmanship and artistry with the Ferahan tradition. This captivating rug is an expressive delight for connoisseurs of this rarely found type. The elegantly elongated medallion of naturally toned brown and black sheeps wool is a remarkable artistic stroke enhanced by the bright sapphire blue chandelier style emblem at the very center. Illuminating the entire rug, an inspired choice of persimmon for ithe wide, floret and tendril-filled spandrels radiates a sunny, visceral potency. With drawing in the Sarouk town tradition where every smallest flower has individual character, this original formal rug also offers very wide palette of secondary colors awaiting discovery.