(High-Decorative) This intriguing, highly sophisticated antique Senneh aptly displays the consummate craftsmanship and artistic dexterity of this prized Town weaving style. A visually stunning drama is built through the interactive contrasts of its nested medallions, each imprinted with an imaginative version of the ever-popular Herati pattern. For the curious eye, innumerable variations and spontaneous elements await patient discovery. A surprisingly broad palette of gracefully soft tones is found throughout, enriching the midnight indigo zones and diffuse golden glow of the reserve where the primary hue shifts from cerulean to paled cinnabar. An extremely fine weave lends this piece a handkerchief handle and allows the intricacy of each hand-crafted motif to be intimately enjoyed. In wonderful even medium pile condition, its extreme softness lends an additional tactile dimension to the viewers experience.