(High-Decorative) This expertly crafted Serab long rug is a delight for enthusiasts of undyed camelhair pieces, with its nuanced palette, expertly balanced design, and the innate luminosity of natural camelhair. Eight carob-toned multi-lobed medallions--most ingeniously suggested as continuing beyond the borders and each ending in a luminous sapphire blue tulip pendant--drift coolly along an impressive hexagonal latticework. These medallions are filled with a spacious Herati pattern based on a diamond and four rainbow trout configuration, articulated through beautiful vermillion, coral, turquoise and maize tonalities. This elegantly chiseled latticework holds magical latch-hook symbols, with glittering ruby dots at their center. The ample outer camel border margins display its gorgeous natural camelhair sets the whole carpet aglow, aided by the peach and cerulean flowerhead inner framing.