(High-Decorative) This riveting, consummately crafted runner intensifies all the most beloved aspects of antique Serab Camelhair rugs to enrapture its viewer. The outer surround of rich undyed camelhair is particularly wide, interestingly striated and luminous in tone, then enhanced with ornamental boteh (paisley-like forms also known as Seeds of Life) in a grand scale. Indigo, carnelian, and even celadon green hues are masterfully saturated, giving the rhythmic multiple medallion enclosures and textured borders even greater potency and contrast. While the field of most Serab runners is frequently the showcase for drama and creative variation, here both the axial medallions and the painstakingly drawn negative space design are elevated to an unusual level of visual interest, each facet attentively and cohesively crafted. Unusually lustrous wool, fine weave and heavy pile serve to heighten the drama of this exceptional runner.