(High-Decorative) Antique Persian Sultanabad town carpets are known for their broad, exquisitely time-softened color palettes that include tropical, pastel, and mid-tones as well as a spectrum of more saturated traditional hues. This 140-year-old piece exemplifies the incredibly wide tonal ranges and delightful color combinations that the best examples of this style create. Here an aged pomegranate in this room size rugs cheerful border in turn plays off a spectrum of golds in the field from burnished metal, to butterscotch to honey. With a rare ivory field, it literally brings the sunshine indoors. Its field design is very relaxed with horizontal intervals where the pattern widens and then compresses, creating a pleasing rhythmic effect. A very spirited border surrounds this ivory center with spaciously placed, iconic palmettes and almond blossoms that meander to a similar cadence.

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