(Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery")This exotic, exceptionally finely woven large room size carpet offers the inspiring combination of a virtually never seen color palette and a classic overall floral design, intended for use in creating a memorable, unique dcor. The one-of-a-kind yellow-ochre toned field includes mauve, pumpkin, turquoise, walnut brown, teal blue and indigo invigorating a myriad of layered blossoms spaciously placed along an endlessly branching arabesque. Unconventionally using warm tones in both the field and its frame, this carpets carotene border adds a strong note of passion while the repeating of the motifs from the field ingeniously perform a contrapuntal function. With an extra-durable foundation and in extremely good pile condition, it offers a smooth surface from a tightly knotted construction that augments its luxurious ambiance.